The first step towards change is to be aware of our role in the society. From the start of this organisation, we are striving to be that change this society needs and as a human being we have to follow some set of rules/norms which are essential to be happy and let others be happy. These are just ethical which everyone needs to follow for the well being of people we love and care.
Bharavase as an entity wanted to change the mindset of the people and as the saying goes "pen is mightier than sword" we started with our words.


We're not valuing women's contribution to our society enough, to qoute Ravi Shankar Guruji, "The role of women in the development of society is of utmost importance. Infact, it is the only thing that determines whether a society is strong and harmonious or otherwise. women the backbone of the society".
As to show our support and show the importance of women to this world bharavase celebrated women's day 2020 by presenting posters in public places, Posters which Stated,
"Rise of women = rise of nation"
"Support my talent don't degrade me for my gender"
"ಮಹಿಳೆಗೆ ಅನುಕಂಪದ ನುಡಿಗಳು ಬೇಡ ಗೌರವ ಬೇಕು" (Women's don't want sympathy they need respect) And many more..


It is not about how much we are giving, it is about how much love we put in the giving. There are 30% underprivileged kids in Karnataka. On the occasion of World NGO day team Bharavase planned something unique.
The plan was to show these underprivileged kids the world of privilege. Team Bharavase with their volunteers went to Nagarbhavi slum, where we teach kids/take classes since the pandemic under the name Badukina Bharavase. The kids with the volunteers visited the GT mall in Magadi road. The team had planned a special lunch like pizzas, burgers etc along with some soft drinks and deserts for the kids as they had never tasted these kinds of foods .
We spent some quality time, having fun and goofing around with kids who had a blast of time. Our team had been in touch with these beautiful souls for one whole year where we taught them basic hygiene to teaching them syllabus for their school so that they can be up to date. Likewise our team planned this outing so that kids even though underprivileged should never feel insecure for anything because at the end everybody lacks something in this world!


Bengaluru stands 4th in the list of world’s worst traffic. Even after several experiments by Bengaluru traffic department the situation was not under control and the main reason for this are the drivers not following traffic rules like parking in no parking spaces, not following lane discipline, and above all rod accidents which have touched 40000 in 2021. Most of the accidents resulted severe because the riders/drivers not following traffic rules like not wearing helmets, sat belts and other rules. Malleshwaram traffic police approached team Bharavase to educate the common public about the rules and regulations which not only save them from hefty fines but also saves lives. Bharavse with its volunteers collaborated with BTP held a awareness campaign with the help of board and hoardings in Malleshwaram circle, Rajajinagar 1st block our team explained to the commoners about the importance of wearing helmet, seat belts, and also following traffic rules with the help of traffic police representatives .


It is time we remove the silence, stigma and taboo surrounding menstrual cycle and include men in the conversation. Neglecting menstrual hygiene can lead to reproductive tract infection(RTI) in women, which can be transmitted o offsprings
According to 2020 data only 57.6% of women and girls have access to sanitary napkins in India while the majority of them rely on outdated, unhygienic methods such as usage of cloth pieces. As a bold step to support every women Team Bharavase started #REDSPOTCHALLENGE with the slogan “Be proud of your cycle and your body”.
On the occasion of menstrual health and awareness day our team asked our members, volunteers and general public to take up Red dot challenge to talk about menstrual hygiene. This activity was to utilize social media and unify the younger generation to create awareness. Our team asked people to participate in this awareness campaign by making a round red mark like a blood spot on the back of their fist to symbolize period blood spot. The next step was to click a picture reflecting their round mark and upload the picture on their social media accounts with the caption “Say no to hesitation, and break the silence around menstruation”.
The program was widely praised and appreciated. We wanted this to reach the younger generation but for our surprise even the parents of our members and volunteers joined us in this special campaign to say “Let’s put a period to period shamming


“Its not enough to just want change, you have to go and make change by voting”. But as each day passes by we see that the number of voting is decreasing every election. The younger generation these days despite being educated do not have the knowledge and know the importance of votes. The government has come up with many ways to create awareness on the importance of voting and also declared government holiday on the day of election. But there are a group of people take this holiday as an added advantage and go on trips or travel
We youngsters who understand the importance of voting and the seriousness of the situation we decided to encourage the society to turn up during voting. On 25th January 2022, national voters day, team Bharavase along with its volunteers tried to create awareness to the general public and inform them the importance of voting and the power of being a citizen by holding boards and pluck cards with the hope of people coming forward for the elections


Mental health is as important as physical health, this is one of the biggest problem our generation is facing, yet we are behind in recognizing it as a threat to our minds. As our team consists mostly of younger generation who has been experiencing this mental pressure in some way or the other. We hardly have any ways to tackle it, Team Bharavase from the start wants to change stereotypes or social stigmas like this. Hence we planned to take sessions of mental health with Dr. Manohar , a well known physiatrist to educate the young minds in this issue.
Our 1st step was in MLac where the head of the department Mrs.Kamala generously gave us the opportunity to talk about “Women Mental Health” as she had similar thoughts. Dr. Manohar took a session for approximately 100 students and staff about “Women Mental Health-a physiatrist perspective”
Bharavase has always meant giving HOPE to others, so recognizing mental health as a threat we started a separate wing for mental issues. Anybody who wants to share their emotions can comfortably share with qualified consultants who are in collaboration with Team Bharavase.


Small change in our daily lives could help the nature in a big way, we don't want handful people doing zero waste perfectly, we need millions of people doing it imperfectly.
Small changes like using cotton bags instead of single purpose plastic covers, using alternatives for plastic straws, these changes can help not just out surroundings but save millions of marine lives. To educate the same, Bharavase initiated a awareness campaign in Bengaluru to post educational quotes on reuse of plastic and stop the usage of single use plastic.
Team Bharavase educated the public and the shops which use straw and plastic and stuck posters regarding the same.
Our work was widely appreciated by the society and social media, one such appreciation came from an organisation who produce organic straws from coconut leaves. The organisation sent boxes of straw samples,which can be better alternative for plastic straws and can be used multiple times .
The next week as a follow up , team Bharavase visited the shopa which we had visited before to stick posters and gave them samples of organic straws for free. So that people may know there are alternatives which we just need to accept it.


Cancer is the second leading cause of death Worldwide, 70% of the cancer deaths occurs in low and middle income countries, in a country like India where people lack the knowledge or people who care less about their health, we have to constantly show or create awareness about the importance of health.
Breast cancer is a bigger threat for every women , which is steadily increasing in younger generation due to genetic and life style change of an individual. Team Bharavase on the occasion of breast cancer awareness month on October 2021 started a campaign to educate and create awareness about breast cancer, it's symptoms and preventive measures a person, not just women but also men should take to prevent this.
We have been taking up conferences and sessions in various colleges, we started this campaign from Maharani Lakshmi Ammani college malleshwaram.
We extended the campaign to Vivekananda College and Sheshadripuram college.
To make an impact we are not just conducting sessions, we are also conducting screenings for students and staff of these colleges so they can be aware of their health and check thoroughly when needed.

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Bharavase, this beautiful word from Kannada means Hope. And, just as the word means, we at Bharavase org have made a promise to the society and ourselves to constantly shine the light of good hope to those in need and have been keeping it ever since the birth of the organisation.

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