A good education is the foundation for a better future. Nurturing the underprivileged with good education has always been our main focus, as the saying goes the best way to fight poverty is to empower people through acess to quality education. Our team with aim of providing education for slum children and enable to achieve certain level of litrecy  who are devoid of education, searched and identified few slums in bangalore. These slums consists mostly migrant workers from north Karnataka who came to Bangalore in search of work during the floods of 2019 where they lost all their documents without which they can't admit their children's for schools.
Due to the on going pandemic these children have no access to basic education, cell phone, electricity or internet facility to attend online classes. initially to encourage them to attend classes we started off with conducting games, giving books and stationeries as prizes for same and also distributing food later With the help of the team and volunteers we are successful in giving them the required knowledge and stay connected to the basic education system. we started conducting classes on every weekends for such kids based on their age group.  It is wonderful to see many children show up voluntarily for these classes and to see how enthusiastic they are about learning all that they can.
Not only providing education for kids, we also took this opportunity as to educate women by creating awareness about cleanliness in general and personal hygiene by discussing the ways of maintaining basic cleanliness and hygiene, importance of clean food and water and menstrual hygiene. We have also conducted regular health check ups and dental camps in these areas. Team Bharavase is trying its best to keep them connected to the world of knowledge by conducting classes in below slums every weekends. Nagarbhavi slum (6months) Uttarahalli (1month and goin)

As the covid decreased eventually everyone started their daily lives and one such group are the migraters. A group of contract workers from north Karnataka migrated to Bangalore for work. The kids of these workers were left unattended and away from education. Team Bharavase got the information about these kids who were schooling in their native but due to circumstances had to leave education and work along with their parents .
Bharavase took these kids under Badukina Bharavase program and made sure they were updated with their syllabus and stayed connected to the world of knowledge. Classes were taken for them for 2 continuous months in Sankey tank near Sadashiv nagar. As a result of this program we got a positive news when one of the student called us and told he had cleared his 9th grade exams. Instances like these motivates us to do more and prove that we are on the right track .

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Bharavase, this beautiful word from Kannada means Hope. And, just as the word means, we at Bharavase org have made a promise to the society and ourselves to constantly shine the light of good hope to those in need and have been keeping it ever since the birth of the organisation.

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