One of the main reason to start our organization was to be the ray of hope in someone's life. initially when we started to visit orphanages and old age homes we found that so many happy souls, who weren't in need food or money but all they needed was some quality time to spend with people and that's what we have been doing for past 2 year. The team has visited multiple orphanages and old age homes and few are listed below.


This orphanage located in banglore, has both boys and girls of age 6 to 14 totalling around 40 kids. When we entered, we were taken by surprise by the amount of energy the children have, soon we were able to mingle with these kids. As we all had lunch together,we had arranged multiple games and activities to entertain the kids, which not only made them happy but brought smiles on our face too. The day was filled with satisfaction and happiness as we were successful in taking first action to step ahead.

St. Theresa old age home

This is an old age homes especially for women in Bangalore. We met few physically disabled and abandoned parents by their childrens. Visiting them was one of the Amazing experience we had. Our team spent some quality time where we had an interactive sessions. They sang for us, they danced with us, they expressed themselves, they prayed for us and poured out their heart to us, where we felt it was the greatest blessing of all time. Along with these we fulfilled their medical requirements. We hope everyone, especially younger generation will 'NEVER FORGET THE HANDS THAT RAISED THEM'


It is a school for the visually challenged located in seshadripuram, banglore. Our team got good opportunity to meet and greet beautiful souls in here It was one of heart touching experience for all of us and after spending some quality time we understood that how strong a persons willpower is and has so much power within himself. most positive thing about the place was the students were happy and energetic through out. We conducted multiple activities here and had lunch with them. They really inspired us to realise that blinds are not helpless and piteous. They possess immense will power and if supported they can fly in colours. Other places:-
Shree sharada sevashrama and Janaseva samrudhi sevasharama
As a team we are continuing to provide and give our best to the lives which are abandoned and forgotten. We believe the greates gift a human being can give to another is not providing them ration kits, clothes, fruits or money, it's our warmth, love and our presence in someone's life that matters the most


Mothers are not the one that never struggle, they are the ones that never give up, despite struggling. To commemorate their struggles and sacrifices Team Bharavase planned a special activity in Sudhama Old Age Home where we see many mothers who have sacrificed everything yet they end up alone. These wonderful people have experienced many things in their life, they still have the same energy and enthusiasm as youngsters or even more.
Team Bharavase with its volunteers spent the day with them, having fun, our members and volunteers gave special dance and singing performances. In the end the team presented them with Tiaras to show the real “Queens of earth”.


As the saying goes “Love is the biggest miracle on earth”, Great love awakes us to the fullness of lives and shapes us. The world always appears brighter and happier when there is love, it doesn’t have to be only with the partner. Love is same or love feels same even if it is from a different person, it maybe in the form of mother, father, sister, brother or even a well-wisher. In search of these worldly pleasure people abandon their loved ones. Team Bharavase which is always meant to make this world a better place wanted to spread the same love for these abandoned souls. Hence we celebrated this valentine’s day in Pushpakavimana old age home.
Team Bharavase spent the day with these beautiful souls, had fun by dancing, singing. The whole team with its volunteers had lunch with them. These souls have spent their entire life giving everything to someone or something throughout their life, it was a small gesture by our team to appreciate and giv them what they had given always i.e, LOVE

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Bharavase, this beautiful word from Kannada means Hope. And, just as the word means, we at Bharavase org have made a promise to the society and ourselves to constantly shine the light of good hope to those in need and have been keeping it ever since the birth of the organisation.

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