Animals have hearts that feel, eyes that see, families to care for, just like you and me. The only thing they can't do is talk like us and that's what we are trying to understand.
"Voice the Voiceless" is a campaign which is running from past 3 years. Especially during pandemic and nation wide lockdown, we fed the stay dogs almost all over Bangalore. Many of the street dogs could not find food as the shops and restaurants were closed.
Anticipating this problem the team came up with #Feed_the_stray_challenge and #lend_your_helping_hands on social media which encouraged many people from different places to feed Street animals in their neighbourhood during lockdown.
Without this aid large number of animals could suffer and die. Also till now we have adopted 3 dogs which were abandoned and have tried to help our best to Rajani Shetty from Mangalore who is feeding 500+ stray dogs everyday.

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Bharavase, this beautiful word from Kannada means Hope. And, just as the word means, we at Bharavase org have made a promise to the society and ourselves to constantly shine the light of good hope to those in need and have been keeping it ever since the birth of the organisation.

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